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Posted: October 23, 2013 in onapp

This error occurs when a disk is active on a hyper-visor where it should not be active.

How to solve it:

Log into the hyper-visor the log lists (this will be in the heading of the error log)

lvscan |grep <disk identifier>

(the disk identifier will be in the log body)

That command will show you the full disk path that will be needed to deactivate the disk.

lvchange -a n <disk-path>

That will deactivate the disk and stop the error messages from showing in the Log Page.

The resolved one will look like:

[root@onappXX ~]# lvscan |grep aamkl9z911rrap
inactive ‘/dev/onapp-z4ks0uw736czmv/aamkl9z911rrap’ [20.00 GB] inherit

Note – if this is seen during a hot migration then it should clear itself once the migration has been completed.