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This can be done by executing the “whmapi1” command via Linux Shell. WHM API 1 accesses the WHM interface’s features. You can use this API to perform server administration tasks, administrate cPanel and WHM reseller accounts, and manage cPanel & WHM services.

You can create a temporary root WHM session by executing the following command:

bash-4.1# whmapi1 create_user_session user=root service=whostmgrd

  cp_security_token: /cpsess3485551384
  expires: ‘1492600874’
  service: whostmgrd
  session: root:b8AC4rvpcYcKo5YF:create_user_session,90f2017bccccd915920e051c2960a3d6
  command: create_user_session
  reason: Created session
  result: 1
  version: 1

This is a one-time-use session to access WHM panel. Just copy the WHM URL and paste it on web browser. This link will bypass the need to enter a root password. That’s it!


Whmapi command to create a WHM session for reseller account

To create a WHM session for a reseller account, just change the “user” name from root to reseller account’s user name. That’s it!

Same you can login to the cPanel without password by using following command:

whmapi1 create_user_session user=USER_NAME service=cpaneld