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Posted: December 5, 2014 in Open source

Alfresco is a free/libre enterprise content management system for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems. Alfresco comes in three flavors: Alfresco Community Edition is free software, LGPL licensed open source and open standards.

First download the alfresco from the following url:
And download the alfresco-community-4.2.c-installer-linux-x64.bin
Check the permission
#chmod a+x alfresco-community-4.2.c-installer-linux-x64.bin

Language Selection
Please select the installation language
[1] English – English
[2] French – Français
[3] Spanish – Español
[4] Italian – Italiano
[5] German – Deutsch
[6] Japanese – 日本語
[7] Dutch – Nederlands
[8] Russian – Русский
[9] Simplified Chinese – 简体中文
Please choose an option [1] : 1
Welcome to the Alfresco Community Setup Wizard.
Installation Type
[1] Easy – Installs servers with the default configuration
[2] Advanced – Configures server ports and service properties.: Also choose optional components to install.
Please choose an option [1] : 1
Installation folder
Please choose a folder to install Alfresco Community
Select a folder [/opt/alfresco-4.2.c]:
Admin Password
Please give a password to use for the Alfresco administrator account:
Admin Password: : admin
Repeat Password: : admin
Install as a service
You can optionally register Alfresco Community as a service. This way it will
automatically be started every time the machine is started.

Install Alfresco Community as a service? [Y/n]: n

Setup is now ready to begin installing Alfresco Community on your computer.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]: y
Please wait while Setup installs Alfresco Community on your computer.
0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%
Setup has finished installing Alfresco Community on your computer.
View Readme File [Y/n]: y
Launch Alfresco Community Share [Y/n]: y
waiting for server to start….README
Alfresco Community 4.2
For Enterprise subscribers, refer to for release
notes and detailed information on this release.
For Community members, refer to the Alfresco wiki for more information on this
Press [Enter] to continue : done
server started
/opt/alfresco-4.2.c/postgresql/scripts/ : postgresql started at port 5432
Using CATALINA_BASE: /opt/alfresco-4.2.c/tomcat
Using CATALINA_HOME: /opt/alfresco-4.2.c/tomcat
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /opt/alfresco-4.2.c/tomcat/temp
Using JRE_HOME: /opt/alfresco-4.2.c/java
Using CLASSPATH: /opt/alfresco-4.2.c/tomcat/bin/bootstrap.jar:/opt/alfresco-4.2.c/tomcat/bin/tomcat-juli.jar
Using CATALINA_PID: /opt/alfresco-4.2.c/tomcat/temp/
/opt/alfresco-4.2.c/tomcat/scripts/ : tomcat started

Now in the browser:
Username: admin
Password: secret

Translate to polish language:

This is very interesting part, please note that alfresco latest model ie 5.0. version will not allow to translate foreign language which is not present in language selection.

Get the language pack from the following url:

Download two jars using links above;
Copy these files to tomcat/shared/lib folder under your Alfresco installation directory;
Restart Alfresco
Change the web-browser language. If you are using google chrome, change the language translation to polish.

Bingo! 🙂


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