XCache Object Cache Backend

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Wordpress

1. You need to install and configure the XCache PHP extension.

2. Make sure to set a size for the xcache.var_size directive (e.g. xcache.var_size=64M).

3. Download and extract the content of the archive file.

4. Upload the file object-cache.php of this plugin into your /wp-content/ directory. Note that this file needs to be stored directly into your content directory and not under the plugins directory.

5.This plugin should now work without any further configuration. Check if it is listed under Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Drop-ins.

Using this Plugin WordPress is able to store certain regular used elements into a persistent cache. Instead of computing complex operations over and over again on every single page request, its result is stored in memory once and from then on fetched directly from the cache on future page requests.

Such an object cache will reduce access to your database and speed up page loading.

This implementation uses XCache’s variable cache as backend.

“XCache is not configured correctly”
You will see this error message when either the xcache module is not loaded or the xcache.var_size directive is not set in your php.ini. If not configured, this setting defaults to 0 which disables the cache.

“Cannot redeclare wp_cache_add()…”
This error indicates that you likely have two copies of the object cache installed. Make sure you have put the file object-cache.php into your /wp-content/ directory only. Do not upload it to the /wp-content/plugins direcotry or any subdirectory like /wp-content/plugins/xcache. The XCache Object Cache Backend is not a regular WordPress plugin but a Drop-in. Terefore you cannot store it into the plugins direcotry.


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